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web site designed for Kalahari Arms Hotel

Kalahari Arms hotel approached us, and requested a site that would suite thier needs, by having content that would describe what they offer, and also include an online contact form. They were looking for an easy to navigate setup, which would be easy for even the first time internet user. On the site there is an online form processor where clients can supply information on when they would like to visit, which automatically emails the front desk staff, which are then able to confirm the bookings. Included in the design is a contact form, which is very similar to the booking form, which emails the management. has since used another designer, and changed their design, they still host through us though.


Tautona Lodge Web SiteTautona Lodge requested that we create a design unique to thier situation, with many images on the front of the page, which would be suitable for both broadband clients as well as dialup. Thus the design includes many small images which are easily viewable, and also informs the clients on what kind of lodge it is, without much reading. Included in this design was a form processor which processes forms in connection with bookings and enquiries.

Khawa Lodge Web SiteThe Khawa Lodge web site was a challenge for us, as niether thier hosting provider, nor the management were able to colaborate to create the design, and to get it opperational. They requested the same design as a previous design displayed on this page, but filled with thier own content. The content was just as difficult as the managment did not supply any information regarding the site, which made it very difficult to fill the pages with relevant content. The site also implements a form processor for online bookings and queries.
This site has since gone down, and no longer accessable due to owners closing shop.

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Winagain Holdings is proud to announce that we have finally connected to a fiber backbone which will increase capacity and performance.


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