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Question: When can I roll over my subscription to the new months bandwidth?
Answer: One can roll over data only if your subscription is paid up, and after the 25th of the month.
Question: My Computer is downloading something but I don't know what it is?

This is a difficult to question to answer outright, as there can be many causes for this.

1. Check that your windows and programs are set to not update (Only updates for Anti Virus should be automatic should to want to save on bandwidth)
2. Check your Anti-Virus is up to date, and do a full system scan, if any threats are found please contact a profesional to assist.
3. If you have smart phones connected check that their updates are not on automatic.
4. If you still have issues with your computer downloading, please contact our technical team, or your nearest IT profesional that can assist.

Question: How can I check what my usage is?
Answer: From within Winagain Network: http://winagain.lan/user will take you to a page where you can login and view your usage summary and sessions.
Question: I am going on holiday, is it possible to put my subscription on standby?
Answer: This is not possible, the service is a subscription based similar to a Cellular contract, even when you do not make use of the system your subscription continues untill we recieve notice of termination, which is when your service will be terminated.
Question: What is the notice term?
Answer: The notice period is 3 months for either party
Question: I want to download movies or music using a torrent client, but I can't why is this?


Movies and Music are copyrighted, and therefor it is illegal to download copyrighted material without paying a licence fee. Torrents bypass this and therefor we attempt to limit any illegal activity as far as we can, this is to protect you the end user, as well as ourselves. Should Winagain Holdings find that your account is active on any torrent sites, we reserve the right to limit speeds on your links according to our abuse policy, which may change from time to time to ensure that the system is fully functional for all.
Question: I am subscribed to Broadband Silver, what does this mean?
Answer: Broadband Silver and Silver + are shared service, services, this means that 512kbit download speeds is shared between users in your pool. While 512kbits/s is the maximum you will be able to attain, you may experience slower speeds during peak periods, as more and more users are josteling for the limited bandwidth. We have implimented a burst of 1024kbit to ensure users have a good browsing experience.
Question: The speeds on Broadband Silver are too slow for my needs what can be done to increase bandwidth?
Answer: Please contact our sales team, so that we may take your needs into account an tailor a plan to suite your needs.
Question: My internet is not working?
Answer: This is another one which can not simply be answered straight forward. There are numerous reasons for your internet not working. Firstly check that you have not exceeded your usage, then check that your equipment is plugged in and working correctly. Test your link connected directly at the modem, should your link still fail please contact support.
Question: What are the DNS settings that I should be using on Winagain Wireless System?
Answer: The DNS settings depend on which service you are connecting to, but generally Primary DNS: and secondary DNS: Tertiary DNS may be google or open DNS service. Google DNS servers are and
Question: I am trying to access the usage summary page, but it's giving me errors what could cause this?
Answer: The most likely causes are you are using DNS service from outside our network or you are trying to access the page from outside of our network. Should you be trying from within the network and you are still experiencing issues, then try the following numerical addresses: or
Question: Can I get refunds on any paid fees?
Answer: Winagain does not provide refunds on subscriptions, or ordered hardware. Should you find that you are unable to make use of the system you can terminate service and Winagain Holdings will retain your credits for a maximum of 1 year.
Winagain Further does not issue refunds on equipment orders.
Question: I have ordered equipment, but have not been ready to install for a period of 90days, what will happen to my equipment?
Answer: Goods not collected for a period of 90days shall be eligible to be re-sold. Should you not be ready to install we urge the client to collect the equipment, and keep the equipment untill such time the client is ready for installation.
Question: What are the complaints procedures?
Answer: We are a small company, and as such you will have direct access to the Managing Director either through our website contact form, or through the direct email provided. Due to spam we will not publish this address online.
Question: How long will it take to resolve issues should a complaint arrise?
Answer: Winagain Holdings will respond to complaints within 24 hours of recieiving said complaint. Should the complaint be that of connectivity, Winagain Holdings will do everything in their power to restore connectivity within the following 24 hour period, should any hardware be required, Winagain Holdings carries limited stocks, and as such at times will result in a waiting period of upto two weeks for hardware. Winagain Holdings will endevour to minimise any waiting periods where possible.
Question: My account has been suspended due to non payment, what do I need to do to get my account back online?

1. Any outstanding fees need to be settled in full
2. A reconnection fee of P100 is applicable

Question: How does the Winagain Billing System Work?

The billing system:

Billing is done on the 25th of every month, and payment is due on or before the 4th of the following month, should the 4th fall on a Saterday, Sunday or Public Holiday, the following working day thereafter.

Should payments not reach Winagain Holdings by the 4th or the next working day, Winagain Holdings reserves the right to suspend service and continue to charge the subscription either untill all outstanding fees and re-connection or untill notice of termination has been recieved.

Question: How do I terminate service?

Termination of the service requires a 3 (three) month notice period, this enables Winagain Holdings to ensure sufficient bandwidth is available without overpurchasing, thus reducing prices to end users.


Notice is to be given in writing and must be emailed to us, to request the email address for submitting notice of intention to terminate service please visit the contacts page

Question: I hear that the lower packages 128kbit/s is falling away, I am on this package what will happen to my account?
Answer: All 128kbit packages are being terminated as of January 2015, should you find yourself on this package and your contract period has lapsed, we urge you to contact our sales team to sign up for a new package. Any users still having any period on their contract remaining will continue on the contracted package, untill termination of the contract, or expriy thereof.
Question: I signed up for service, how long a term have I bound myself?
Answer: The answer to your question depends on the service you have signed up for, this is generally two years from date of signing up to the service or initial activation of your account, however this may differ should you have signed up for a tailored product?
Question: I don't have an email address, do you provide one with your service?
Answer: We do not have email services included, however for P30/month you can get access to a [email protected] account.




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